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As the name implies, Terra and Lightning’s RPG Roundup is a podcast about video games: JRPG or Western, retro or just released, console or PC. Current episodes range from Phantasy Star 2 to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. We play them, we finish them, we talk about them!

Latest Episode: Segue Episode #1 – Oh Where Have the JRPGs Gone?

We’re now splitting up our What We’ve Been Playing and review episodes – have no fear, Persona 4 Golden should be out in about a month! Today we talk about Persona 5, Shining Force 2, and South Park: the Stick of Truth, among other games, and also about this year’s rather disappointing E3, although a few games piqued our interests. And what’s this terrible game called Magikarp Jump that we’ve been playing? Find out if you dare!

Latest Review: Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance – the Eyeliner of Evil Returns


PlayStation 4. 2015. Now coming out on the Nintendo Switch! Although a little more simplistic than its predecessors, Disgaea 5 still has its merits, with a fun tactical battle system, larger than life characters, and fixations with curry that border on the obscene. Why does main character of Killia want revenge on the powerful overlord Void Dark? All this and more, to include some spoiler-free Persona 5 talk and discussion on our travails through Final Fantasy XI.