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As the name implies, Terra and Lightning’s RPG Roundup is a podcast about video games: JRPG or Western, retro or just released, console or PC. Current episodes range from Phantasy Star 2 to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. We play them, we finish them, we talk about them!

Latest Episode: Persona 4 Golden – You Are Yu!

PlayStation Vita. 2011. What happens when your parents go to work in some foreign country and you move to a little town called Inaba? Murder, that’s what happens! Join Yu Narukami and pals as they learn the power of Persona, bond over beach escapades and boring school trips, and of course try to solve the murder mystery! Turn-based combat married to an intriguing social link system makes for a great 100 hours, especially on the newer Vita version. Disclaimer: we did misremember a few things in retrospect, so try not to mind when we get a few things wrong. We also couldn’t discuss everything we wanted to, given how long the game was.