Episode 30: Chrono Trigger: Part 2 – To Faraway Times

Episode 30: Chrono Trigger: Part 2 – To Faraway Times
Platform: SNES
Release Date: Japan 3/11/1995, NA 8/22/1995
Difficulty: Easy
Pricing: 9.99 on Wii Virtual Console

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Terra’s Review

Wait until you hear his rendition of "My Heart Will Go On"
Wait until you hear his rendition of “My Heart Will Go On”

The Good

  • This game knows how to handle time travel without making it confusing or giving people Star Trek level headaches. Chrono Trigger doesn’t get all philosophical about time travel or spend a bunch of time worrying about possibly changing the future. Changing the future is the point!
  • Time travel also isn’t a quick fix. There’s no going back in time over and over again for a redo. Lucca gets one chance to save her mom. Yes, you can use time travel to save one character’s life, but even that isn’t as easy as just hopping into the Epoch and travelling back to when it happened.
  • The storyline keeps a good balance between taking the threat from Lavos seriously and still staying light and entertaining instead of wallowing in super grimness.
  • The characters are memorable and all get their own focus and time to shine.
  • Recruit Magus and watch him kill everything.

The Bad

  • Death Peak and stupid hiding behind the trees before the wind blows you back to the start. The game controls (at least in PS1 and Wii version) just aren’t precise enough.
  • Magus’ boy band moves when he does a magic attack. J/k, those are amazing.
  • The 2300 AD dungeons get pretty boring and repetitive. And let’s not talk about the race with Johnny. Or trying to catch that $%^*(& rat.

The Ugly

  • Ozzie and his weird pants and his goddamned traps.
  • Dalton
  • This thing: Giga Gaia


iconic campfireFIXED
Everyone else uses a version of this image to illustrate the game, why shouldn’t we?

The Lowdown: This game is considered a classic for a reason. Chrono Trigger is a solid adventure story with engaging characters and time travel that actually works. The game has it’s serious moments, but doesn’t get bogged down in them, and is just plain fun to play.

Music Credits
RPG Roundup Theme Song: “Video Game Theme,” J. Arthur Keenes Band. Creative Commons Attribution License.
Chrono Trigger OST

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