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1. Final Fantasy VI Part 1 – Welcome to Our BBQ! / Review / SNES / Released 1993 / 1.22.2015

We at last get to our first installment covering arguably one of the best RPGs at all time. We also deviate from our format a little, preferring a more detailed account rather than our usual overview while discussing the World of Balance.  Either way, we both love FF6 and are looking forward to finishing the second half of the game! (Part 2)

2. Pokemon X/Y – Pokemon Noobs / Review / 3DS / Released 2013 / 2.15.2015

All of you Pokémon veterans: come here for a laugh. We are new to the series, and it’s quite apparent. We not only mispronounce the word in Great Midwestern Fashion, but call TM’s “HM’s” and even sneak in a reference to FFX-2. For anyone new to Pokémon…welcome to X and Y! You start out as an ambitious young Pokémon trainer with clingy friends in the French-inspired Kalos region. Of course, things aren’t that simple – you are very intent on becoming the Champion, and as a little side thing this red-haired guy named Lysandre is out to destroy the world. Oh noes!

3. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae – Girls, Goblins, and Mullets / Review / PS4 / Released 2015 / 4.21.2015

Well, we played the demo. We saw many things – mullets, product placement, and even a badass summon. We also discuss how Final Fantasy has evolved over the years and which Final Fantasies are our favorites. There are also opinions. Many of them. Probably controversial ones

4. Dragon Age: Inquisition Part 1  Drunken Age / Review / PS4 / Released 2014 / 5.29.15

Name inspired by the screwdrivers we had while recording. The Dragon Age universe has gone to hell since we last left you at Dragon Age 2. Among other things, the mages and templars are waging an all-out war, strange green rifts are appearing in the sky, and the Divine Justinia, an important spiritual leader, has been murdered along with countless other people in a mysterious explosion. You are the only one to come out of the explosion alive…and you’re also the only one who can seal the dangerous rifts. Welcome to the Inquisition, Miss Trevelyan!

5. Final Fantasy VI: Part 2—Atma Ponders on the Toilet / Review / SNES / Released 1994 / 8.19.2015

We now bring to you the World of Ruin, where the world has gone to pot and it’s up to our adventurers to save it from the evil madman Kefka. The second half of this game shines in its uniqueness – while the first half was linear, now it’s all about choose your own adventure. What adventures did we choose? Listen and find out! (Part 1)

6. Hatoful Boyfriend – Everybirdie’s on Crack / PS4 / Released 2011 / 10.7.2015

PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita. 2011. We take a break from RPG’s to…date pigeons. Rich, elite pigeons. Sexy, suave pigeons. Crazy, feral pigeons. And…murderous doctor pigeons that want to throw a scalpel at your face. What is it really like to play this cracked out game? We spill all!


7. Chrono Trigger: Part 1 – Robo’s Rave / SNES/ Release 1995 / 11.4.2015

What groundbreaking game in the mid-90s featured time travel, multiple endings, and Rick Astley lovin’ robots? If you guessed Chrono Trigger, then you are correct. We discuss the first half of the game as well as what we’ve been up to gaming-wise. Hint: we had nothing to do with pigeons.