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1.  Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch—Oliver’s Acid Trip / Review / PS3 / Released 2013/ 1.25.2016

We recorded this in early December, but schedules and a myriad of audio issues made this one a hard one to edit. It also didn’t help that we weren’t overly fond of Ni No Kuni. Wait – what? But everybody else liked it! Well, the battle system is a clunker. So is the AI. The game revolves around a boy named Oliver, who is learning to be a wizard while dealing with the death of his mother, and his journey to become powerful enough to beat the evil wizard Shadar.

2.  Mario Maker – the Hammer Brother Horde / Review / Wii U / Released 2015 / 5.24.2016

We are finally back to talk about…Mario Maker, which is one of our non-RPG minisodes. We also talk about the games we’ve been working on, complain about Final Fantasy XV, and discuss our future plans. New Star Ocean game, anyone? Remember, Chrono Trigger Part 2 should be coming out soon!

3. Chrono Trigger: Part 2 – To Faraway Times / Review / SNES / Released 1995 / 7.28.2016

SNES. 1995. Here we are with our second installment on Chrono Trigger, picking up after the showdown with Magus in the Middle Ages. Much like its predecessor Final Fantasy 6, the game turns from a linear format to a more open-ended experience, including skippable sidequests and several options on how to beat the final boss. Also, Lavos sounds like a broken-down car. And Magus becomes your reluctant last party member.

4. Dragon Age: Inquisition: Part 2 – The Trouble With Lord Woolsley / Review / Relased 2014 / 12.25.2016

PlayStation 4. 2014. It’s been a year and half since Part 1, but we’ve finally finished Dragon Age: Inquisition. You name it, we’ve done it: Healing the rift, defeating Corypheus, killing dragons, electing a new Divine, deciding the future of the Inquisition—and, of, course, bringing Lord Woolsley home. It’s a Christmas miracle—that we saved Lord Woolsley and that we finally finished this episode.